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The interior of the sailing yacht STORMVOGEL is unique – a high quality, very beautiful but also functional interior gives this boot its individual character.

The interior design is handmade from high quality BUBINGA wood – and with great attention to detail. So for example, carries the large salon table the crest of STORMVOGEL in wood. Rounded corners, a matt finish, quality cabinet locks and good padding ensure a pleasant feeling.

The interior can be roughly divided into five sections:

  • Forward cabin
  • Shower and toilet
  • Salon
  • Deck saloon and galley
  • Aft cabin

1) forward cabin

Let’s start our tour below deck at the front, in the fore cabin:

It is designed as a double berth and also offers tall people enough sleep. Right at the front in the bow is the forepeak, which can be reached through a small door in the forward cabin – we use it as storage space for spare parts.

Under the bunk there is additional storage space, the bow thruster with electric motor and tunnel as well as the anchor locker. We have the anchor locker enlarged and now driving 100 meters galvanized anchor chain.

In addition, located on the port side, two drawers and a locker is in the forward cabin. For leisurely reading there are reading lights in the ceiling, the deck hatch opens to the bow and thus ensures a pleasant ventilation on anchor.

Through close the door obtained his privacy.

2) Shower and WC

Is the combined wet room, which was inserted clever between forward cabin and saloon on the starboard side.


The sink and the shower are located on the left side, which can be separated by a plexiglass door from the right area in which is located the toilet.

Shower and sink are powered by the fresh water pressure system of STORMVOGEL with water, a 60 liter water boiler makes when the engine is running or shore power supply is available hot water.

The toilet is manually operated with seawater and has proven so far to be resilient.

All the wastewater (ie gray and black water) is collected in a 120 liter holding tank, which can be drawn off via a top port, or, if necessary, will be disposed of by electric pump overboard.

3) Salon

On the way to the stern, we now enter the salon – the representative heart of STORMVOGEL.

Directly opposite the door to the shower / WC we have five drawers and a cupboard.

There is a large sea berth that can be made wider on longer legs means extract by about 20 cm on the port side. A lee sail prevents that you will fall out during sleep. This berth is therefore most optimal place: Deep down in the center of the boat.

The large salon table is to starboard with the sitting area. Overall, the salon offers approximately seven to eight people a comfortable place to sit. The sitting area can be used to starboard as additional berth.

Bookshelves with fiddles on both sides offer plenty of storage space for a fascinating read at sea. If you do not go as many books as we you can through the four hull windows in the sitting area and watching the sea.

The salon has a large and a small hatch and five port lights on the sides – so it’s pretty light below deck and the salon can be well ventilated.

The large water and diesel tanks are on both sides in the bilge under the floorboards. Large storage space can be found under the starboard sofa set and in the salon are eight cabinets.

4) deck saloon and galley

Daily life takes place here. Here is navigated, cooked, night watch, chatted or radioed.

The STORMVOGEL has a real deck saloon, because you can sit and look through one of the ten large deckhouse windows (double security glass, one can be opened in the direction of travel) and look in all directions.

This is achieved through a raised floor in the deckhouse, the interior design has three different levels and achieved so even for tall people (1.95 meters) at any time full standing height.

The starboard side of the deck saloon, directly opposite the galley, is the bridge deck of STORMVOGEL.

Chart table, GPS, plotter, autopilot, satellite phone, VHF radio, shortwave radio, Weather and AIS are here. About daughter instruments all data, of course, are also available in the cockpit.

If necessary, you can also control the STORMVOGEL from the deckhouse manually – via the hydraulic steering wheel. But do we hardly ever – if we use the steering position due to bad weather, we prefer to drive to the autopilot.

In deckhouse there is also a small sitting area, which can be used if necessary even as watch / pilot berth – if one is not particularly large. Very useful to the round corner has been proven as one, depending on sea conditions and boat movement can become wedged very well there.

Generally located throughout the boat good handholds and retention opportunities, but the decline in the deckhouse are additionally handrails and railings.

For a better understanding, it should be explained, the companion way is in the boat center and leads directly in the deckhouse. The deckhouse (starboard side) is asymmetrically designed th the center of the boat out to port, so that the way from front to aft is offset to port. In other words: The salon and the deck saloon achieve their large floor space, because they go beyond the boat center. Thus, the usable space on the port side is reduced a little because there is the passage from front to aft.

The light-filled galley located along the port side and has a stove and oven (both gas operation), refrigerator, freezer (one compressor, 12 Volt refrigerant cooled) and sink. Ten deep drawers and four flat cabinets provide plenty of storage space for food and dishes.

The three taps in the image should not confuse, all have their importance. From left to right:

  • Fresh water from the tank-pressure water supply of STORMVOGEL
  • Fresh water directly from the watermaker
  • Seawater foot pump


The STORMVOGEL is fully equipped for long voyages across the oceans of the world. This extensive equipment must be housed somewhere – so there is eg check panel for watermaker under the bench in the deckhouse – and above it the shortwave radio.

5) Aft cabin

From the galley / deckhouse leads into the aft cabin.

We usually use as storage space for our light wind and storm sails and equipment of all kinds But if you grant the aft cabin empty, it offers two large single berths to port and starboard -. If you is because first time in it’s all good 😉


The aft cabin is located directly under the cockpit and therefore has a very limited headroom. It has three portlights, two small hull windows and its own sink.

As far as the tour would now finished below deck – but only almost!

Because there are three important engine rooms that should be mentioned in this tour:

6) Main Engine

The main engine is located under the companionway / deckhouse and can be accessed in the aft cabin by a floor board in the deckhouse and a hatch.


All necessary maintenance work on the main machine are thus well (but not really „very good“) possible. But it’s a boat – what is there already easily accessible?


7) Generator

The STORMVOGEL has a 4KVA generator. This is fitted under the card table in an acoustic enclosure.


Work on the generator are not fun – it takes about 30 minutes to make it accessible, yet resents the narrowness and inaccessibility. But so often a generator maintenance is not necessary. An impeller change is a project, to change oil is OK.

8) water pump and makers

A sort of auxiliary engine room is the bilge under the bench in the deckhouse. There, the water maker and fresh water pressure pump is installed … and many valves, wishing to be served now and then.


This engine room is the sea water filter for the generator and the large bilge and deck wash pump, the seawater filter for the watermaker and the sea cock. The coarse filter for the water pressure pump and the fresh water tank valve (tank selection port / starboard) is also accessible here. You see – a bilge that has it all!

But now the tour is finished – the interested reader should now have a good overview of the inner workings of STORMVOGEL.


(Updated 4/2015)

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Read more: STORMVOGEL technical specification

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