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Ole Wiedekamm

Welcome to the page of Ole Wiedekamm. On this website you can listen to my tracks of film music. It starts with a „Best Of“ which contains the best parts of my compositions. 



Track 0: An New Path(2013)

Ole Wiedekamm - A New Path


Track 0: Epic Trailer(2013)

A trailer produced with „Symphobia II“.

Ole Wiedekamm - Epic Trailer


Track 0: Europe(2012)

The latest track. 

Ole Wiedekamm - Europe

Track 0: Pi(2013)

An alternative Soundtrack to „Life of Pi“

Ole Wiedekamm - Pi

Track 0: Power(2012)Ole Wiedekamm - Power
Track 1: Best Of(2012)A montage of nearly all the audio samples which are on the CD divided into two parts.

Ole Wiedekamm - Best Of Part 1

Ole Wiedekamm - Best Of Part 2


Track 2: 1996(2012)A large-scale montage of different themes of a fictive film.  The music should represent the different events in the film. Finished is the song through a rounding off theme leaded by a snare drum which should create dramaturgy.

Ole Wiedekamm - 1996

Track 3: Fear(2012)Ole Wiedekamm - Fear
Track 4: Without Trouble(2012)Ole Wiedekamm - Without Trouble
Track 5: Starlight(2012)The theme music to a „Space Series“.The main feature is to find in the horn melody.

Ole Wiedekamm - Starlight


Track 6: Attack (2012)This song describes the different stages of the attack on a city.Ole Wiedekamm - Attack


Track 7: Field Battle(2012)After a short ironic sounding introduction a strongly Cello and Violin Theme starts which represents the core of the track.I did this to a film sequence of a battle by Napoleon on a field.Finished is the song by a victory melody.

Ole Wiedekamm - Field Battle


Track 8: Not Normal (2012)The track demonstrates strong contrasts. Of initial impressiveness is at the end nothing to recover and it becomes more and more silence and confidence.Ole Wiedekamm - Not Normal
Track 9: An Other Romantic Story(2012)This track is the alternatively music for a romantic movie trailer.The track befalls a rise from the beginning. The core of the composing is the into each other involved viola and violin melody.

Ole Wiedekamm - An Other Romantic Story

Track 10: Orient (2012)An arrival on an oriental market musically represented. The melody is firstly leaded by a harp and later displaced by a horn. There are little parts between the main melody where a cello plays a slow run.Ole Wiedekamm - Orient


Track 11: End Of The World(2012)To befit the name of the song the track is very dramaturgy construed.Beside typically string runs there are cues of high played violins and low played horn sections.After initial harmonic monotony, the track gets a new character through a harmony change in the second part.

Ole Wiedekamm - End Of The World


Track 11a: Heroes (2012)The continuing of “End Of The World”. I tried to impart the dramaturgy of the protagonists and the hope in the middle part.Ole Wiedekamm - Heroes
Track 12: Lost In A Good Mood(2012)A very bright track in the set-up. Made for the opening scene in a film.The initial obscurities of the recipients disappear audibly and break away.The instruments are issued after the mood-technic. High violins and high tones of the oboes and the flutes represent the mood of the track.

Ole Wiedekamm - Lost In A Good Mood

Track 13: Symphobia(2011)The track is built in steps. After a dramaturgy beginning trough a choir entry and a lead cello melody the song reaches a big brass entry. The theme melody disappears step by step and the track changes its character. All the time the song is leaded accompanied by an ethnic drum rhythm. The track should represent the walk of a protagonist through a whole film with many emotions.Ole Wiedekamm - Symphobia
Track 14: Loner(2011/2012)The music of the opening scene in the film Loner (2012) is divided in two parts.In the first part the suspense rises represented by low played cello runs and a monotony harmony. As a consequence, the bright played entry of the violins is almost surprising. The second part of the track is the music for a battle- and escaping scene. The core of the complex rhythm is the non-stop played Hi-Hat and the Ethnic-Drum beat which is built up in triplets.

Ole Wiedekamm - Loner

Track 15: Franz Dubstep (2012)A pure electronic track, which contains Dubstep-traits. It was made for an action scene in a Sci-Fi-Film. I tried to let it sound as abstract as possible.Ole Wiedekamm - Franz Dubstep
Track 14: Der König(2012)That track contains some themes of a character (the king) in a TV show which plays in the middle age. The main instrument is undoubtedly the Horn.Ole Wiedekamm - Der König
Track 16: City Night(2012)The track describes the driving through a big city at night.Finished is the song with an experimentally combination of some already existing melodies and runs.

Ole Wiedekamm - City Night

Track 17: Middle (2012)The track should represent the resoluteness of the protagonists. The tuba and the cello are the base of the track and the violins and the oboe play the melody.Ole Wiedekamm - Middle
Track 18: In The Corner (2012)The track represents a sequence when protagonists are pressurized in a corner. Ole Wiedekamm - In The Corner
Track 19: Reunited(2012)In this track I have made alternative music for a mysterious TV show.The topic in the sequence of the video was the reunion of some actors. The harmonic instruments are here the harp and the piano.  The highlight of the track is at 1.26 with the change of key and the entry of the brass section.

Ole Wiedekamm - Reunited

Track 20: The Way To Munich(2012)This is an underscoring for a video which shows the way of a sport team. There are events in the video where the rise again of the team is shown.

Ole Wiedekamm - The Way To Munich

Track 21: Liberity Safari (2011)The melody is played by a flute. The theme of the song is the way through Africa.

Ole Wiedekamm - Liberty Safari

Track 22: Mimoral(2011)The main part of this experimentally made track is the harmonic play together of the instruments.The main melody is played first by a Trumpet and later by a solo Violin.

Ole Wiedekamm - Mimoral

Track 23: Impact(2011)The track for a western scene of a film should sound very patriotic.In the film scene there are some riders are riding in the sunset.Supported by trombones the track is more and more entertained by entries of different instruments.

Ole Wiedekamm - Impact

Track 24: Wires(2011)The special harmony is played by a xylophone and a glockenspiel.In the rhythm there are many parts of the percussion active. The Ethnic-drums,a flip, a gong and the snare. Meanwhile during the track there is a leading melody part which is certainly constantly interrupted.

Ole Wiedekamm - Wires





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